With the motto of SURVEY TO SERVE, C & C CONSULTING FIRM was formed in 18th September,1987. by a group of Senior Surveyor & Engineers belonging to Survey and Other Engineering disciplines. Their long experience in execution of various kinds of projects, has successfully and skillfully been utilised at industries in the field of Surveying, be it for Topographical Survey, Hydrographical Survey, Engineering Survey, Geotechnical investigation, Hydrological Investigation, Preparation of project report including Hydal projects, Estimation and valuation and etc.

C & C CONSULTING FIRM have been technically updated to introduce modern/latest methodology and Instrumentation to bring sophistication in the field of Survey Engineering. With the ever changing world and high paced emergence of advance Technology and Instrumentation, exposure and effective adaptation of the Techniques and its efficient implementation becomes alarmingly essential so as to emerge as Leaders in the field of Surveying.

C & C CONSULTING FIRM in its endeavour has reached the standards of modern Global Surveyors.